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Waterville Golf Links

Waterville in Co. Kerry is as good as it gets for me for a links course. Founded in 1889 and designed by Eddie Hacket this course went through a design change in the mid-2000's by Tom Fazio which has seen it updated for the modern game. The course has seen many of the greats of the game pay a visit over the years, the list includes Tiger Woods, Payne Stewart, Mark O'Meara, and David Duval to name a few of the recent notables. There is a good reason these greats of the game chose Waterville as one of their stops on their golfing adventure, and that reason is Waterville is as good as they come. Many of these greats used Waterville as one of their warmup courses for the impending British Open and so the tradition continues with many professionals still showing up to Waterville to this day in order to hone the skills required for a British Open.

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Waterville possesses the best par-three holes I have ever encountered on the same golf course.

Tom Watson

The beautiful monster – one of the golfing wonders of the world.

Sam Snead

We get into the pub and get around a piano. I bring out my harmonica and the next thing you know it’s about 4am!

Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart on The Butler Arms Hotel in Waterville

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