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Dooks Golf Club

Situated on the Ring of Kerry between Ballybunion and Waterville Golf Clubs, Dooks is considered a hidden gem amongst golf aficionados although I personally believe that the 'hidden' element will be removed in the very near future. Dooks was voted as the 25th best course in Ireland by Golf Digest but in my humble opinion, it is deserving of better. Founded in 1889 it is one of Ireland's oldest golf courses. Initially a 9 hole course it was upgraded to 18 holes in the 1970's, and renowned golf course architect Martin Hawtree was invited by the members in the early 2000's to provide some suggestions on possible alterations and upgrades to the course. This resulted in a complete overhaul of the course and in 2006 the new look Dooks Golf Club was opened to great praise both far and wide. Despite these recent upgrades Hawtree managed to encapsulate all that was great about Dooks in the new design and still left it with that old school links charm.

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One of the best kept secrets in Irish Golf.

Ronan Rafferty

We are delighted at this design challenge – it is indeed a case of polishing an exquisite gem.

Martin Hawtree

Golf Course Architect

Dooks is maybe the loveliest little golf club in the world. Certainly, I have never been totally surrounded by superb scenery than at Dooks.

David Davies

Journalist for The Guardian

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